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Nicely done ser. Teaching a person to fish!

You shared such a good starting point that I want to share too. So here's a list of wallets that I "cursory" follow. I need to systematize the process like you did.

3ac_1: 0x82ac5170a837f6554d518c71c0590723437e6b64

3ac nft fund_1: 0x2e675eeae4747c248bfddbafaa3a8a2fdddaa44b

tetranode_1: 0x9c5083dd4838e120dbeac44c052179692aa5dac5

tetranode_2: 0xa22eb3338dfd69458513a1f6d4742ab29f7ef333

alameda_1: 0xc5ed2333f8a2c351fca35e5ebadb2a82f5d254c3

mark cuban_1: 0x293ed38530005620e4b28600f196a97e1125daac

machi (cream founder) nft: 0x020ca66c30bec2c4fe3861a94e4db4a498a35872

justin sun_1: 0xc21087f0b51bb074fb7e060cde64b125c88b0865

dom.eth (creator of Loot + Blitmap + Vine): 0xf296178d553c8ec21a2fbd2c5dda8ca9ac905a00

Defiance: 0x9b5ea8c719e29a5bd0959faf79c9e5c8206d0499

andrew kang: 0x16C67A048da06f554F9cE5cd49212677638Fa845

crypto cobain/ cobie (?): 0xB0Cf943Cf94E7B6A2657D15af41c5E06c2BFEA3D

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Thank you for this great content!

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really useful. thanks!

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Very useful content. I just gulped and paid the VIP subscription for Nansen and was struggling with how to use it best. Still getting my head around the "hot cobtracts" dashboard. I have a mid five figure portfolio, looking to grow it out to a 7 figure portfolio so it's helpful to know new strategies. Integrating Nansen with both Debank and blockchain explorers is also the next useful step.

What have you found more useful for alpha when using the Nansen dashboard- hot contracts vs smart money

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You said you have a discord didn’t see no information on that at the end of the newsletter, Can i dm you on consultation as i would like you to make things clearer to me one on one, willing to pay for it. pls lemme know thanks

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I found you after reading an article on Medium. Your articles are very well explained and informative. It is quite hard to find the right information on the internet about how to approach crypto and I have the feeling you are just doing that! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

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Awesome content - thank you so much! Whale watching makes so much sense in a market where information is very far from fully priced

A few questions if I may!

1. Is the Nansen pro subscription - following the trial - sufficient to follow your advice?

2. Does Debank cover all portfolio trades of a wallet or just DeFi ones?

3. Is it possible to API the data to pull whale data on the ones you've identified so they update automatically? The idea is to create my own dashboard to save time and monitor the whale moves in real time

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Hi I’m new to this. Just wanted to know how to take a wallet address and check out the transaction history of that wallet, anyone know any simple answer/process?

Cheers guys

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Hello! Thank you for the information. Seems I've been doing crypto since 2017 exactly like you say one shouldn't. Anyway, back to the drawing board. Did you ape into Quick Scan Dapp ? Do you think it could be a useful tool for wallet watching ? I aped and already sold half at 2x but I don't have enough (0.5% of supply) to access the dapp and try it. And anyway I'm just starting this journey so probably I would not put it to good use yet. Thanks!

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so gooood

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Quick question:

You say 'they bought on 3/21'

What do you mean by 3/21 ?

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This is. the exact strategy i used and found shiba inu before all the hype and all the money i made was from watching other wallets. I actually now automate buys and sells for wallet i trust. I will add to what you said is going to the blockchain and actually looking at projects top holders. Look for the ones that bought in with little funds eg 10 or 100 usd. These are wallets that automate their trades. Good to watch those too. Nice read. Keep up.

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Hope to read a letter about How u use on-chain analysis with NFT

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nice article,

how would i track wallets that bought and sold a specific token like xmon for example on uniswap?

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Hi, man I am so grateful for that material you have no idea. Thanks for taking me a bit by the hand here. I have one question. I downloaded the csv file that contains the GMX transactions, filtered the data such that all transactions are before 10/2021 and are either multicalls or swaps. However, there are still sooo many transactions in that list and very many that are bigger than the ones where the wallet is involved that you mentioned (and actually only 2 that include the wallet you mention as the remaining transactions were not multicall or swap). Did you go through all of those and disregarded them by some criteria? There are dozens of wallets that fulfill the criteria you mention and have bigger quantities, so just a clarification question as to which other criteria you applied to get to the specific wallet. Thanks again for what you do!!

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